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30 Amazing Infrared Photos - 4 uur 58 min geleden

We take our ability to see for granted, on a daily basis, and yet colors play such crucial roles in our every decision-making process. But we’re not here to talk about that. Today we’re here to show you the world in a different light – literally.

In the following 30 photographs you will be seeing everyday scenes, scenery and objects under a very different condition: in infrared. You see, normally we can only see in visible light, an area on the electromagnetic spectrum that is between "near ultraviolet" and "near infrared".

Without going too technical into it, we need special equipment to see beyond this visible light section and as the following images will show you, the world is just as beautiful in infrared.

1. Home

IMAGE: David 2. South End Of Lindo Lake

IMAGE: Bill Gracey 3. Curtains

IMAGE: Bill Gracey 4. Old Point Loma Lighthouse

IMAGE: Bill Gracey 5. Live Oaks and Slave Cabins

IMAGE: Bill Gracey 6. Hummingbird

IMAGE: fortherock 7. Cimetière

IMAGE: -Pixel – 8. Clouds Over Lakeside

IMAGE: Bill Gracey 9. Kensington Market’s Garden Car

IMAGE: Frank Lemire 10. Trees By The Lake

IMAGE: Lyudmila Topchiy 11. Blown Away

IMAGE: Retinal Fetish 12. Moscow

IMAGE: Lyudmila Topchiy 13. Earth and Sky

IMAGE: Kelly Shipp 14. St. Bartholomew’s Church Hanworth Norfolk

IMAGE: David 15. Trees and Rocks

IMAGE: arbyreed 16. Brown-Eyed Susan

IMAGE: Dan Wiedbrauk 17. By the Lake

IMAGE: Flavio Ciarafoni 18. Horses

IMAGE: Greg Westfall 19. Great Central Railway

IMAGE: Infraredd 20. Rainbow and Puppy

IMAGE: Zach Stern 21. A Crowd Gathers in Fantasyland

IMAGE: VisualTreats 22. Santee Lake on the Winter Solstice

IMAGE: Bill Gracey 23. Butterfly

IMAGE: Ryan 24. A Storm

IMAGE: Darryl 25. Sunflower

IMAGE: Mike Lewinski 26. Dreamwalking

IMAGE: digitalpimp. 27. Boston Common

IMAGE: Werner Kunz 28. Palmer Park, Colorado Springs

IMAGE: David 29. Infrared Photo of Bled Lake (Slovenia)

IMAGE: Flavio Ciarafoni 30. Obama’s Inaugural Opening Ceremony

IMAGE: Zach Stern

The world is a beautiful place that is filled with colors and incredible things, but what we are only able to naturally see and comprehend is but a small fraction. Now that you’ve seen the world in a different light, did it change your perception in any way? Tell us.

How to Create Recovery Partition in OS X - 9 uur 7 min geleden

While I was doing maintenance for my OS X, using the Maintenance app, the app told me that my disk partition needs to be repaired. So, as usual, I reboot OS X and held Cmd + R to access the Disk Utilty in OS X Recovery to fix it.

However, instead of coming to Disk Recovery Assistant, I was directed to the Internet Recovery, which was unusual. I later on figured out that this happened because the Recovery partition is missing somehow. To verify this, I ran diskutil list in Terminal but I can’t find the Recovery HD partition.

Internet Recovery is a feature addition since OS X. It lets us perform the disk recovery, then fix and reinstall OS X from Apple’s server. But, it requires an Internet connection, so you are out of luck if you have poor or unreliable Internet connection.

Here’s how I sorted out this issue without Internet Recovery, and it’s not as complicated as I first thought.

How to Create Recovery Partition

To begin with, you will need the OS X installer from the App Store (be it Mavericks, or Yosemite or others) and you will also need the Recovery Partition Creator (RPC), an AppleScript that enables us to create the partition in a friendly way.

To create the partition HD, follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Recovery Partition script. You will be prompted to create a backup, and I encourage you to do so using Time Machine, just in case something goes wrong. In addition, the script will prompt you with the OS X version you are currently using.
  2. Click OK, then select the primary disk partition where the OS X install resides, from the selection before you. Click OK.
  3. You may select an external disk if you have one. This way you will have to connect the disk to your Mac everytime you run Disk Recovery Assistant.
  4. Select the OS X installer which you should have obtained from the App Store.
  5. Once you clicked OK, you will be prompted to check the drives in case of errors, before the script creates the partition. Click Continue.
  6. Click OK to let the script creating the Recovery partition with the OS X of your choice.

This process may take up to 5 minutes or more. Once the process is done, run the diskutil list again, and you should now be able to see this on the list:Apple_Boot Recovery HD.

The script is really handy; it enables us to have the Recovery partition back in only a few clicks away.

Now, we are able to repair disks with the Disk Recovery Assistant instead of through Internet Recovery; I personally think this method is more convenient. I hope you find this little tip useful and got the issue solved.

10 Assistive Tech for People With Disabilities - do, 27/08/2015 - 17:01

Technology has always lent a helping hand for people with disabilities such as visual impairment, speech impairment, people with motion disabilities or disorders etc. There are a lot of apps and gadgets that can help ease the difficulties people with disability face on a daily basis, and in this post you will be seeing 10 apps and/or gadgets that can do so.

From providing help with reading despite a visual impairment, to keeping the deaf included in a group conversation, to helping patients with shaky hands have a meal independently, here are 10 assistive technologies that are helping the disabled get assistance when and where they need it.


Dot is a wearable that is also the world’s first Braille smartwatch. Dot is a practical solution that is more affordable than regular e-Braille devices which may cost thousands, yet still works well for the blind. Dot helps the blind access messages, tweets, even books anywhere and at any time.

Technically, this tool functions with six dots on four cells found on the surface of the smartwatch. These dots will rise or lower to form 4 letters in Braille at any time. It can connect via Bluetooth to any smartphone then retrieve and translate the text (from an email or messaging app) into Braille for its owner.


Talkitt is an innovative application to help people with speech and language disorders to communicate with someone else. It will translate unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech so we can understand what they meant to say, despite the speech impediment.

Talkitt works in any language: it works by learning the user’s pattern speechs first, creating a personal speech dictionary; then Talkitt will identify and recognize the unintelligible pronunciation and translate them into speech we can understand.

sesame phone

Mobile phone may have become a common need for everyone, including persons with disabilities. But regular phones are not equipped for the needs of people with limited mobility and who find it difficult to operate a normal phone. Introducing Sesame Phone, a touch-free smartphone designed for people with disabilities.

This phone is designed to be used with small head movements, tracked by its front-facing camera. So you can access all the features of a smartphone, without even touching this device. Gestures are recognized as if you were using a finger to operate it: swipe, browse, play and more. Voice control is also added to provide a real hands-free experience on the phones.


UNI is a two-way communication tool for the deaf using gesture and speech technology. This tool works by detecting hand and finger gestures with its specialized camera algorithm, then converting it to the text in very short time to provide meaning of a given sign language.

Also equipped is a voice recognition software that will convert speech into text for two-way communication. UNI also enables you to create your own sign language with it’s sign builder, so it is easy to add custom language to the dictionaries. It is a subscription-based app with two versions, one that requires a data connection and another that doesn’t.

Finger Reader

Finger Reader is a wearable tool to help read text. It has two functions: to help the visually impaired read printed text on a book or on an electronic device, and also to be used as a language translation tool. A user can wear this device on a finger, then point it on a body of text, one line at a time.

IMAGE: Mashable

The small camera on the Finger Reader will scan the text and give real-time audio feedback of the words it detects. It also notifies the reader via vibrations when it is at the start of a line, end of a line, moving to a new line or when the user is moving too far away from the text baseline.

Be My Eyes

By My Eyes is a super-cool application that helps blind people "see" the world. It works by making a network that connects the blind with volunteers from around the world. It is an easy way to ask for help for simple tasks like checking on the expiry date on a milk carton.

Volunteers will receive notifications or requests for help, and if they are too busy, the app can find someone else to step in and help. Each request will trigger a video call to volunteers so they can help the user.

axs map

For people without disabilities, wheelchair ramps and wheelchair-accessibile restrooms are not things they notice. Many public sites are also not equipped with these facilities. This is a source of inconvenience to those who require a wheelchair to move around.

AXS Map is a crowdsourced map that carries information about wheelchair-accessible ramps and restrooms in public places such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and more. The map also carries information about how well-designed these facilities are with the help of star ratings.


The deaf can communicate via one-on-one conversations using sign language or lip-reading, but about when a group conversation arises? Transcence offers a great solution that can still keep the deaf in group conversations.

In a conversation, with the use of each participant’s smartphone’s microphone, the app catches what they are saying then converts it into text in real time. Each speaker has its corresponding text bubble, differentiated by color, just like what you would find in a regular group messaging chat room.


assist-Mi is an assistance application that helps disabled people to get assistance in real-time. It is basically an app that connects service providers and caregivers with the disabled who may need their assistance at a moment’s notice. Services include help in getting to work, to go shopping for essentials or for travel.

IMAGE: Kickstarter

It has a feature called Mi-Profile which provides a user’s needs so the service provider know what to do when assistance is requested. The app also has two-way communication and GPS for better location info.


Liftware is a self-stabilizing handle on which you can attach an eating utensil like a fork or spoon. It is very helpful for patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or other forms of motion disorders that causes hand tremors. Liftware stabilizes up to 70% of the disruption and helps reduce the spilling of contents from the utensil before food reaches the patient’s mouth.

Each liftware comes with the stabilizing handle, a charger and three utensils, a spoon, fork and soup spoon. Each charge can last for several meals and the handle can be wiped down while the spoons and fork can be washed like a normal utensil.

How to Disable WordPress Emoticons - do, 27/08/2015 - 12:01

WordPress keeps improving with new features in each new edition. Some of these new features are so subtle that you might have overlooked them. In version 4.2, for example, WordPress adds a set of new Emojis which you could use to make your post more fun and expressive.

To display these Emoji, WordPress loads a script, wp-emoji-release.min.js, behind the scenes. However, if you find that you do not use Emoji much, there is not point on loading this script, and you might want to consider removing this feature. Here are two ways you can do so.

Method #1: Using WordPress Hook

Assuming you have access to your WordPress theme folder, you can add a few lines to prevent the script from generating on the frontend.

  1. Navigate to your WordPress theme folder, and open the functions.php file.

  2. Add the following lines within the file.

    remove_action('wp_head', 'print_emoji_detection_script', 7); remove_action('wp_print_styles', 'print_emoji_styles');
  3. Save the file and reload the homepage or (any page) of your site. These lines should remove the script as well as the styles required to display the Emoji all together.
Method #2: Using WordPress Plugin

If you are reluctant to edit the functions.php, you can install a plugin instead.

  1. In WordPress Administration, navigate through the Plugin > Add New menu.

  2. Search for: “Disable Emojis“. The plugin is developed by Ryan Hellyer.

  3. Install and activate the plugin.

The plugin does not offer settings nor options; it works out-of-the-box and the Emoji should now be completely disabled. Using this plugin, the disabled Emoji will still be retained even with a theme change.

You can also deploy the plugin as a must-use plugin which prevents it from being deactivated, and which will affect all the network on your site.

If you had added WordPress classic emojis in one or more of your old posts, disabling Emojis will leave the :-) in plain text. If you like the old ways better, install Classic Smilies plugin by Samuel Wood (Otto). This plugin, not only disables the new Emoji, but will also bring back the old icons to be at your disposal.

That’s it. Hopefully you find this tip useful.

The 10 Most Fascinating jQuery Grids - wo, 26/08/2015 - 15:01

jQuery is usually the first choice for most people who want to dip their feet in JavaScript programming as it provides an easy method to select HTML elements and manipulate the DOM. jQuery is wildly popular, according to the recent stats of W3Techs, “jQuery is used by 95.4% of all the websites whose JavaScript library we know.”

jQuery is also used by many JavaScript libraries as a dependency, and the alpha version of the new major release, jQuery 3.0 is already out there. If your project uses jQuery in any way and you want a dynamic, flexible layout for your design it’s worth to consider to include a jQuery grid plugin into your frontend stack.

How Do jQuery Grids Work?

jQuery grids let you create Pinterest-like layouts for your site. They work like a virtual matrix, they follow the “box inside a box” principle. jQuery grids dynamically calculate what is the best arrangement of items and populate the page with them in a way that leaves the least blank space, something like what you see in these boxes here.

IMAGE: DHomie Home Design Magazine

The main advantage of jQuery grids compared to CSS grids is that they work with images or other media elements that have different widths and heights. Cool JavaScript effects are also a big reason to use jQuery grids to create a modern layout.

In this post you can read about the 10 most fascinating jQuery grids that are currently out on the market – of course, just like jQuery, all of them are open-source and free.

1. jQuery Nested

jQuery Nested provides you with a handy multi-column grid layout that is responsive and works across all kinds of devices. This jQuery plugin advertises itself as completely gap-free. At first this slogan may sound like a cheap marketing trick but the plugin actually accomplishes gap-freedom very nicely, just as its creators promised.

jQuery Nested follows a unique script in populating the grid matrix. First it creates a multi column grid, then it scans the matrix for gaps and fills them by reordering the different elements. Finally – and that is the step that makes this grid gapless – it resizes any element in the bottom row that doesn’t properly fit in the gap.

2. Freewall

Freewall allows you to create the layout you want whether it is an image grid, a nested grid, a masonry or a metro-style grid. It has many options that you can set as JavaScript variables such as gutterX, gutterY, animate, cellW, cellH, etc. It has custom events such as onGapFound and onResize, and custom methods as well.

You can find nice code examples on their website. The devs also cared about the poor souls who still have to design for older browsers, so Freewall supports Internet Explorer 8, and it also has a solution for disabled JavaScript, as it uses CSS 3 animations as a JS fallback strategy. Check out our article on Freewall here.

3. Masonry

The name of the good old Masonry must be familiar to the ears of every experienced designer. In case you haven’t heard of it, Masonry is a cascading grid layout library that works with both jQuery and vanilla JavaScript.

This handy plugin is the base of many popular WordPress themes. You don’t even have to upload it to your server as you can easily link the library directly from a CDN.

<script src=""></script> <script src="">

Masonry is probably the best-established jQuery grid out there, and that’s why it has many options. You can easily install it with Bower or Node Package Manager. You can achieve different grid layouts with its help and you can set many custom variables, methods and events too.

IMAGE: Tumblr Staff Archive (Made with the Masonry plugin) 4. Gridify

Gridify is a lightweight JavaScript plugin that you not only use with jQuery but also with pure JavaScript. The page mentions that it can be used with the YUI library too, but as the development of YUI has been discontinued, it’s not an option any more.

Gridify “gridifies” your layout in a Pinterest-like way. It supports loaded events, calculates item widths dynamically, it handles items with very long heights and makes animations via CSS 3 transitions possible.

Since the latest version you can also use Gridify together with the Require JS JavaScript file and module loader.

5. Shapeshift

Shapeshift is a really cool drag-and-drop jQuery grid system. The user can drag and drop an element throughout the page, and Shapeshift reorganizes the elements into a new position every time an item is moved around.

The dragging event changes the index position of the elements within their parent container. This way Spaceshift doesn’t screw up the logical indexing system of the child elements. Seriously, try it out on their demo website, it works wonderfully.

Shapeshift also works well on touch-enabled devices as it smartly utilizes the jQuery UI Touch Punch app.

6. jQuery Portfolio

The jQuery Portfolio plugin is a great choice if you want to design a stylish portfolio site. The author originally designed it for his own portfolio site but later made it an open-source project.

You can set the number of columns in the grid and the desired jQuery transition effect. The jQuery Portfolio plugin is responsive as well so you don’t have to worry about the user experience of your visitors using a mobile device.

7. jQuery MatchHeight

The jQuery MatchHeight plugin allows you to use a special jQuery grid that makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal. MatchHeight automatically matches the height of elements in the same group, and smartly handles floating elements and wrapping. You can use this plugin for placing items in lovely straight rows.

You can either use a maximum height as a benchmark or define a specific target element and MatchHeight will make sure that other elements won’t be larger than that. It also has a Data API that enables you to use data attributes inside the inline <script> tags in your HTML 5 files.

8. Photoset Grid

Do you like Tumblr’s Photoset feature? Then the Photoset Grid jQuery plugin was designed for you. This handy frontend tool arranges images into a flexible grid based on the aforementioned photoset feature. The original version of the plugin was created for Tumblr themes but the dev team decided to give the opportunity for designers to use this plugin in their own designs.

If you want to add Photoset Grid to your own Tumblr theme, they have a custom code snippet you can embed in your code. Probably the coolest feature of this plugin is the possibility of adding a Lightbox to the image grid. You can try it out here by clicking on one the photos.

9. Shuffle

Have you ever wanted a flexible image grid that enables you to categorize, sort and filter the items? If yes, you definitely need to try out Shuffle. The result of this plugin is really beautiful, especially because it has a cool shuffle effect on page load.

Items can be added to multiple groups and later the user can filter them by groups, so it makes a great user experience. The plugin adds subtle captions to the images that lists the categories the item belongs to. You can set many options with the help of JavaScript variables such as the speed of the shuffle effect, the width of the gutters, the width of the columns, and many other.

10. jQuery Gridly

jQuery Gridly is a smart choice for anyone who wants to implement grid-based layouts on touch-enabled devices. This plugin allows users to drag and drop items around the screen. Both the drag-and-drop and the resize features react to touchscreen gestures too.

Users can close the images they don’t like and after an image is closed the layout is rearranged following by a cool effect. It’s easy to integrate jQuery Gridly with Ruby on Rails apps as it’s also registered as a Rails Asset.

How to Use Emoticons in Email Subject Line - wo, 26/08/2015 - 12:01

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters to keep me updated with the fast-changing industry I’m in, web development. Recently I see more frequent use of emoticons or Emoji in the email subject line.

Intrigued, I looked up on the issue and found a few studies suggesting benefits when emoticons are used in the email subject line, specifically increasing the email open rate, which is good for business.

Having an icon is certainly more attractive to the receivers which would explain the higher open rate. If you ever wonder how this can be done, this is the trick you are looking for.

Adding Emoticon with FSymbols

To begin with, go to FSymbols. Here you will see a collection of common emoticons that are natively compatible with many platforms like Apple devices, Windows, Facebook and Twitter.

Pick any icon and click on it. A popup will appear with the icon highlighted, ready to be copied. Just copy the icon.

And paste it into the email subject field. That’s it.

An Alternative Method

If you use MailChimp, you should know that they have recently added a feature to add emoticons more conveniently into the email campaign subject. As you start a new campaign, you will now find a smiley icon residing within the subject field. Select the one you need to enter it in the email subject line.

A few things to note

Adding an emoticon as the email subject is so simple that even a 5th grader can do it, but that doesn’t mean you should let this get out of hand. There are a few things you cannot afford to take for granted.

First of all, emoticons are not supported in Outlook 2003, which is a really old email app but you might want to do a little research as to how many of the people who receive your email/campaign still use it.

Some emoticons are not supported in particular email clients. When it is not, the icon will be rendered to a blank square ☐ instead. Some email clients like Gmail,, and iOS Mail app will render some icons slightly, if not totally, differently.

Certain email clients will show a flat version of the icon, while some will display the more realistic version, with shadows and gradients. Here is an example of the “OK hand” icon in Gmail in

Lastly, a few quick pointers: use emoticons succinctly, limit the number of emoticons used, and please do not replace the actual word with an emoticon, for the sake of readability.

What works for others may not work for you. Even though it has been mentioned that using emoticons in the subject line may increase the open rate, you should test it still, with A/B testing so you can be better informed to make better decisions for a better outcome of your campaign.

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10 Ways the Internet Is Gamifying Real Life (for Better or Worse) - di, 25/08/2015 - 17:01

Ever since the dawn of modern gaming, we’ve been a bit more drawn to worlds that mimic life rather than flout its rules. Games are more gripping when they give us access into corners of the real world which we otherwise can’t engage with, or when they let us make decisions that, otherwise, either aren’t ours to make (like building skylines and communities in SimCity), or would get us in trouble if we were to make them (like joy-riding in Grand Theft Auto).

It’s this necessary but disappearing parallel between real life and the illusion of reality that makes open-world games so addictive. Their infrastructure is the Internet, which we tap into for a bit of role-playing with friends from all over the world. Such fun!

IMAGE: The Guardian

So, of course, if we allowed the Internet access to our virtual personas in order to connect, interact and play together across borders, taking the next step was a piece of cake. It was only human nature that, in the interest of augmenting the fun, we allow it to further trespass. For one, giving it permission to bring the principles of gaming into the real world. That could only mean more fun… right?

1. Exploring As A Game

Augmented-reality gaming, the next step in MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), was made possible by the wild proliferation of pocket GPS, aka smartphones. Google’s Ingress takes full advantage of the ability to track users’ movements and adds a layer of gamified reality over the mundane map of our surroundings.

The actual traipsing that you do while in the game – you have to go on foot to different locations dictated by the game and hack Portals on behalf of your team, which will be either "The Enlightened" or "The Resistance" – makes it so much easier to suspend disbelief about that added layer.

Also, playing Ingress has the added benefit of meeting new people and stretching your limbs – which you maybe won’t do for the sake of your health, but you sure will to level up! It essentially blurs the line between your IRL self and your in-game avatar. Budding explorers can find a primer for Ingress here! 

2. Dating as a Game: Tinder

Tinder is the popular dating app that is redefining modern dating chats up possible dates in a game-like setting. The learning curve is as close to zero, which helped it spread like wildfire among millennials and gen Z-ers alike: just swipe right on profile pics you find to your liking, and swipe left on those you’d rather pass on, and, assuming your pick swipes the right way on your own pic, the courtship can begin!

This new spin on mating is very much in keeping with the no-frills, no-lag user experience we’ve come to expect from every app or tool we use these days. We’re not willing to snail-date like our parents anymore, and Tinder cashes in on that, every single second.

Considering its new foray into non-romantic aka business networking (among Forbes-picked 30-under-30 influencers, for now), it’s safe to say the experiments Tinder can make with its growing userbase can apparently keep the game going for… ever?

3. Shopping as a Game

Loyalty programs are a tried and tested way to help businesses’ profit, and stocks jump or even to completely rejuvenate dying breeds like brick-and-mortar shops. Success stories of coffee shops using tech to improve the punter’s experience abound, and the shift from punch cards to apps for providing rewards (free items and such) has been a boon to the service industry.

Of course, aside from the apps that gamify the coffee-shopping experience, there’s another growing type of apps that aggregate all kinds of shops and items, offering up rewards in exchange for social shares or for using a certain payment app at check-out (like Wish did for users buying through Google Checkout).

And then there’s community-driven e-commerce that’s also benefitting from the growth spurt of gamified shopping: Pinterest’s buy button is integrating shopping at the tail-end of pinners’ idle browsing, and apps like Fancy or Spring are making shopping for brand items easier than ever.

Last but not least, there’s shopping in game, a booming strategy adopted by game devs everywhere, from mobile to console: the in-app or in-game purchases that inject revenue into the now pervasive free-to-play gaming model is everywhere and not likely to go away anytime soon.

4. Stalking as a Game

The best thing about Foursquare, the geolocation check-in service, when it first rolled out six years ago was, let’s face it, the ability to stalk our friends. The introduction of badges and mayorships only added another gamified layer of fun on top of this initial permission to stalk and one-up outgoing friends.

And then Swarm happened which nearly alienated Foursquare’s long-time users by making them shift to another app for no apparent reason. A couple of months back, the company reintroduced mayorships and collectable badges in a bid to rekindle its users’ love by playing up the game factor for all its worth.

And that bet will probably pay off too, because everyone loves competing for virtual titles and watching their social clout score shoot up.

5. Fitness as a Game

There’s probably a conclusion to be drawn from the synced rise of doom-and-gloom warnings about sedentary lifestyles and fitness apps. But that’s beside the point here – what is, though, is how sport is becoming a game, on the back of fitness apps that prompt users to work out in exchange for all kinds of rewards.

Whether it’s the in-your-face monetary kind, or a cuddlier kind, the same principle applies: pushing your body to its limits is its own reward, of course, but it’s obvious from the rising obesity rates that for many, that’s simply not enough of an incentive.

Enter fitness trackers that let you boast about your jogs on Facebook, pay you to keep at it or even dock your pay if you don’t. On top of the apps, the gamification of sports has also spawned another global phenomenon: running marathons has evolved into a myriad of global events, the most game-like of which being the massively popular Human Race.

6. Driving as a Game

If you’re not familiar with Waze, it’s an app for motorists that relies heavily on its users to work well. It uses crowdsourced information to keep its map up to date, lets users chat in-app and integrates with social networks for bragging purposes. Also, as an added layer of gamification, features a system of points, with the attendant scoreboard, which drivers can gain or lose depending on how they use the app.

But the gamification of driving has branched out in a whole host of other directions thanks to the advent of electric cars – nowadays, your car can actually make you a better driver by providing incentives (like the badges and/or points that are ubiquitous in gaming) as well as challenges.

Ford’s MyFord Mobile app for Ford Focus drivers is one of the first to introduce this sort of interactive in-car gaming element, and also to open it up to app developers, so that drivers can get more fun out of their commute, achieve more on a charge and so forth.

7. Childhood as a Constant Game

The youngest Gen Z-ers are experiencing childhood in a wildly different way, even to millennials (incidentally, it’s now more important than ever that parents evolve in step with the times). Games are more important than ever to kids growing up in the noughties, and they tie in with cartoons, amusement parks, Happy Meals – you name it.

The billion-dollar business of gamifying childhood has been a not-so-subtle affair since the Game Boy, but the franchise frame of mind, where any popular product gets the game makeover, is relatively recent. Since the dawn of video games we’ve seen, for instance, a movie-based game development trend shaping up – and that’s exploded in recent years.

Kids with a flair for online gaming, and permissive parents, have tons of options to choose from nowadays – regardless of what type of product they might be into this week. One need only check out Disney’s game page to experience the extent of childhood gamification – type literally any kind of toy or kids’ movie or TV show into Google, followed by "games", and you’re left wondering if there’s any hope of weaning a child off these once they’re hooked on the online gaming experience.

8. Movies as Games

Cinema has been around for a while now, and yet nothing much has changed about the way we experience it – uni-directionally, with the viewer remaining passive from beginning to end credits. But efforts to change that have already been made and technology is increasingly making it easier for innovators to pioneer new features that give the viewer a more active role in the movie’s narrative.

With 4D technology now widely available, we’re inches away from realizing Aldous Huxley’s prophecy in Brave New World, the arrival of the “feelies,” or movies that provide tactile sensations during the screening, that are virtually indistinguishable from the actors’ own. In a move even closer to gamifying the cinematic experience, the push for the interactive movie introduced during the ‘90s by forward thinkers like David Wheeler is now seeing a resurgence, mainly thanks to VR getting such a buzz of late.

The idea bouncing around the industry right now is all about bio-feedback tracking software that is capable of changing the plot of a movie based on the information it receives from the viewer’s brain (see this short horror by MyndPlay for instance). It’s still in the first stages, but, all in all, the trend of the interactive movie is set to take off – if done better this time around.

9. Money as Game

Mining for money, or bitcoins, is perhaps the best example of how technology has enabled us to transform even the most basic of human actions. The cryptocurrency that has been alternately on a high or in the dumps for much of its lifespan could achieve some kind of a balance in the future, if the practice of mining became easier to understand.

On the other hand, opening it up might result in breaches of trust – which would instantly sink a financial system created through crowdsourcing and with no centralized bank or state behind it. Simply put for the layman, it is a game, where miners compete against each other to solve so-called "proof-of-work" puzzles.

Their work gains them newly-minted bitcoin, which means more of it is put into circulation every time the miners verify a transaction.

10. Learning as Game

If you’ve been looking around the web for online courses to further your education, you might have been struck by how almost every provider from the Khan Academy to Duolingo nowadays includes some sort of leaderboard.

Gamification is at the core of the online learning experience, as it alone can motivate students to come back, strive for more accomplishments (than their peers) and achieve their goals seemingly without putting in that much work – because we intrinsically think of competition as fun.

Video games have also been making their way into the classroom, as teachers now understand that children are more open to being taught if education comes in the form of fun – and game developers are happy to adapt their games for this higher, state-subsidized purpose (see MinecraftEdu, ComputerCraftEdu or SimCityEdu).

Wrap Up

Homo Ludens, Man the Player, has extended to describe pretty much every one of us now. Gamification is seeping into all our everyday lives – and we’re mostly the better for it… Or don’t you agree?

How to Add Facebook Author Tag in WordPress - di, 25/08/2015 - 15:01

Facebook provides plenty of services to let websites be more engaging throughout the social network, such as using the Comment, Likebox, the eminent Like button, and more recently it has improved the Author Tagging feature. The Author Tag, when provided, allows Facebook to tag the shared article with the author’s Facebook profile.

Note that the Author Tag is not new, it is just been improved to display the author’s name along with a linkback to the profile of the article, if provided.

This is a good opportunity for news sites or multiple-authored blogs to increase their journalists, writers, and bloggers credibility on Facebook. Herein, we are going to see how to integrate the Author Tagging into your WordPress site.

1. Theme Coding

To begin with, we need to an extra input field in the Profile Edit screen to allow the author to enter their Facebook profile URL.

Open the functions.php of your theme, and put the following codes in.

function facebook_profile_url($profile_fields) { $profile_fields['facebook_url'] = 'Facebook URL'; return $profile_fields; } add_filter('user_contactmethods', 'facebook_profile_url');

This code adds an extra field under the “Contact Info”. Enter the Facebook URL, for example, and save.

Now, we need to output the URL in the head of the theme. To do so, add the following code in the functions.php.

function facebook_author_tag() { if ( is_single() ) { global $post; $author = (int) $post->post_author; $facebook_url = get_the_author_meta( 'facebook_url', $author ); if ( ! empty( $facebook_url ) ) { echo '<meta property="article:author" content="'. $facebook_url .'" />'; } } } add_action( 'wp_head', 'facebook_author_tag', 8 );

This code retrieves the URL, and output it in the article:author meta tag as per the Facebook Open Graph specification. We wrap the code within a conditional function, is_single(), to ensure that the meta tag would only be generated in the single post or the article.

Furthermore, the code also verifies if the URL is present, if it isn’t, we won’t output the meta tag. Refresh the article page and you should find the tag in the head tag.

2. Using a Plugin

If coding isn’t up your alley, you can easily do so with a plugin instead. We can use Yoast SEO. It is a good plugin that helps with optimization for your website both in search engines and in social sites like Facebook. Once it has been installed, you should find a new input “Facebook Profile URL” added in your profile edit.

Enter your Facebook URL. Save to update the profile, and you are all set. You do not need to modify your theme to add the tag, as the plugin has done it all for you.

That’s it, whichever way you opted, you now have the article tagged with the author. Now, if you have multiple authors contributing to your site, make an announcement asking them to input their Facebook URL. And make sure that the URL is correctly pointing to the right profile.

Hope you find this tip useful!

9 (More) Ways To Access Blocked Websites - ma, 24/08/2015 - 15:01

There are many reasons authorities block access to certain websites. Some workplaces may block social media sites or access to your personal email. You might also experience blocks at your university, college or school.

If you find yourself in this situation, and are looking at a workaround you can apply to overcome this block, don’t worry, we have 9 ways you can try.

We have listed 9 methods here you can try, because different types of blocks require different types of techniques to bypass. Do try each of them to you find one that works for your situation. And if you have any other methods you would like to share with fellow readers, do use the comment section.

1. Accessing Via IP Instead of URL

Some software block website pages by its name or URL only. For example: a block may be applied on but not on the IP of the website.

You can get the IP from Terminal on OS X or Command Prompt if you using Windows. Insert this and press Enter.


Copy the IP that is shown in the results onto your browser’s address bar and open the site as usual.

2. Use A Proxy Site

There are many free web proxies that provide servicse to browse the web anonymously. You can use them to access any blocked site easily. Just go the website and enter the URL you wnat to browse.

How does this work? When you browse a website using a proxy site, you are not actually connected to that website. You are connected to the proxy server, while the proxy server is the one that is connected to the true website destination. What you see is cached version of the site that the proxy server gives to you.

You can try Proxysite or Proxery, but if you want more options, check out Newproxysite.

3. Use a VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a remote server that gives you private access through a public network. VPN makes it looks as though you are browsing from the country where the server is located, thereby hiding your real identity.

There are many VPN service providers you can use, some offer services for free, others require a subscription. Hola is my favorite free VPN service. It allows you to browse privately and without censorship, and it has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users.

There are also plenty of great paid VPN services that you can use. Find the best of them in this list.

4. Use TOR Browser

Tor is a browser that allows you to browse anonymously, prevent your browsing habits or your location from being tracked, ensuring privacy. Thanks to volunteers from around the world that create this distributed network of relays, you can browse under the protection of Tor.

To use, first you need to download the Tor Browser; install it like a usual application. Open the application, then click Connect to start your connection with the Tor network.

5. Using Public DNS of ISPs

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) use their own DNS to block access to some websites. To open the block you can bypass the restriction from ISP using Google Public DNS.

Under the DNS configuration of yoru network, change your DNS to the following Google Public DNS IP addresses as your primary or secondary DNS server.



2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844 6. Using Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to translate website content from one language to another. But you might not know is that if you enter the URL of a blocked site into Google Translate, then click ont he URL link on the right side, the blocked site will be accessible in the translated language you chose.

Click View: Original to go back to the version with the original pre-translated language.

Here you can do the trick by entering URL of blocked site on the Google Translate, then click the URL link on right side and let it show the magic. The blocked site will opened with translation language. Then you can click view: Original to retain the original language.

7. Setting Your Browser’s Proxy Manually

To manually set your browser’s proxy, you need to first get working public proxies. Find one in Hidemyass. There are many listed there, from countries around the world, along with the speed, type and anonymity level. Grab one IP address and the port, then:

For Firefox:

Go to Preference > Advanced and choose tab Network. Under Connection click Settings, then choose Manual Proxy Configurations.

Here, you enter the HTTP Proxy obtained from Hidemyass, followed by the port number, and click OK.

For Chrome:

If you want to set the proxy for Chrome only, you can use Proxy Helper.

8. Edit Hosts Files to Bypass Website’s IP Address

You can use this service from Pentest Tools to get the IP address for a blocked website’s domain and subdomain. Just insert the domain name and check ‘Include subdomain details’ and click START, then wait while the tool does the job for you.

When it is done, copy the IP address and domain/subdomain.

If you are using Mac, on Terminal, type

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

Scroll down to the opened hosts file and paste the IP address right there. Press Control + X then Y to save the file.

9. Use SSH Tunnels

Firstly, you must have an SSH account. Open Terminal (if you are using Windows you can use Putty instead) and run following command to login:

ssh -D 12345 user@host.domain

The command will run the SOCKS server on port 12345. You will be asked for a username and password. After a successful login, just minimize the terminal, don’t close it.

Next, open your Firefox browser and go to Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings. Check on Manual Proxy Configurations, enter on SOCKS Hosts and insert the Port number you picked when you created the SSH tunnel. Click OK to save your new settings.

Afterwards, open a blank tab and type ‘about:config’, then set true for the following statement:


Now you can browse with Firefox using your tunnel. For a more detailed tutorial, check out the complete tutorial here.

5 Android Apps for Less Boring Lock Screens - ma, 24/08/2015 - 12:01

The lock screen is both an essential and redundant feature of the smartphone. On one hand it is essential to keep yourself from accidentally calling someone or launching an app, and helps prevent unauthorized access to your phone. On the other, the lock screen is an extra (yet frustrating) thing you need to bypass to get to the apps you need.

Android users are probably aware of the level of customization that is possible with an Android device, and of course, you can also turn that boring lock screen into something useful. In this post we will look at 5 apps that can help 5 different types of users do more with their Android lock screens, and it’s no longer just about getting notifications.

1. For Productivity Seekers: Cover

Ever wish for your phone to know in advance which apps you use most often when you are at work or at home? Then, this is the app for you. Cover is a smart adaptable app that learns what apps you mostly use at home, at work or in the car. It then brings these most-used apps to your lock screen at the right time and place for instance during office hours when you are at your office.

During the installation, Cover asks for your home and work address, and whenever you move from one place to another, it changes the set of apps available right on your lock screen.

To access the apps you need, simply pull its icon to the right; the screen underneath will "uncover" the app as if it was open all along. You can customize the way your work / home / in-car lock screens look like by choosing a wallpaper from the preset list or by uploading your own image.

Further customization options allow the setting of ringer preferences for different locations, for example, to be on Vibrate only for work, to have the ringer on for home and in-car, and silent mode at night (which can be done when you set the time your night starts). The app is free.

2. For Voracious Readers: Corgi for Feedly

Corgi is an app for those who can’t live an hour without consuming a tasty portion of up-to-date information. The app brings news right to your lock screen, so you can swipe through the headlines and read complete articles even before you unlock your screen.

Corgi works in conjunction with the Feedly news reader so if you are a Feedly subscriber, your existing subscriptions will become available on your lock screen. Otherwise, you can choose your favourite websites from Corgi’s list and receive their news directly on your lock screen.

Corgi’s interface is quite straightforward – you swipe up when you want to read a story, swipe down to see the full list of current headlines, swipe left to proceed to other headlines, and swipe right to unlock your phone. Each story has a quick link button, so you can access it on the website in one click, if you want. This app is free.

3. For Tireless Communicators: LokLok

LokLok turns your lock screen into a whiteboard where you can create messages, photos and drawings and share them with your friends, family or beloved ones. Basically, it’s a visual communication app, that lives on your lock screen.

LokLok allows to share your lock screen with another person or a whole group of people. When you change the background, draw or type something, the new image gets synchronized with other people’s devices, so the next time they look at the phone, they see an update from you. You can have up to 3 dialogs with different users on LokLok.

LokLok can also function as a widget, in which case you will be notified when someone edits a common image. However, when LokLok acts as a lock screen, you don’t get any bothering notifications about activities on a shared screen. Unlike other apps in the list, LokLok turns your lock screen into a truly interactive space. LokLok is free and offers in-app purchases.

4. For Lifelong Learners: Semper

Semper (former UnlockYourBrain) goes even further by turning your constant phone checking into a useful activity. Semper offers you the oppotunity to learn something new every time you open an app or unlock your phone.

To start using the app, download a pack on a topic you want to learn – a foreign language, mathematics, preparation for your SATs , etc. Once you have downloaded the pack, each time you unlock the phone or open a custom set of apps, Semper will hone your skills by making you, for example, translate a word in a foreign language or solve a small mathematical problem.

You can further customize Semper by choosing what you want to learn while at home and at work. For that you enter your home and work address, and the app will ask you the questions from the right learning pack based on your location. Semper is free and offers in-app purchases.

5. For Customization Geeks: ZUI Locker

ZUI locker is a beautifully designed app, which practically allows you to build your lock screen by yourself. Upon installation you’re immediately taken to the Settings menu, where you will find a dozen features which you can use to build your lock screen in the way you want.

ZUI Locker features a rich set of styles and wallpapers as well as elegant themes to choose from, so you can make a personalized lock screen of your own. The app supports all types of phone security protection (passwords, lock patterns), but of course you can customize even those by replacing digits with images of your choice.

This highly rated lock screen app also comes with a smart lock and gravity sensor, a smarter notification feature, quick launch of most frequently used apps as well as music control, all right at the lock screen. ZUI Locker is free and offers in-app purchases.

Editor’s note: This is a written for by Victoria Ivey. Victoria is a tech enthusiast and writer. Her latest passions are emerging technology, robotics and artificial intelligence. You can find her on LinkedIn.

28 World’s Coolest Libraries - vr, 21/08/2015 - 12:01

Any avid reader will tell you that it is a dream of theirs to have a private library at home. To be able to store and access our favorite books and novels and read in solitude is one of the many ways book lovers chill out and destress.

In a time where ebooks are fast becoming the norm and paper books are getting phased out, one might wonder about the relevance of libraries. It would be such a loss to the public if we have these beautiful reading sanctuaries taken from us. Luckily though, many are still standing in grandeur in city capitals and universities. And boy, are they breathtakingly gorgeous!

I have gathered 28 of the most elegant libraries in the world, and I’m sure that the bookworm inside you will want to visit each of them!

Study Hall, National Library of China

This is the National Library of China, which sits at the heart of Haidan, Beijing’s educational district. You can easily get lost in the grand architecture that is filled with bookshelves and the studious.

IMAGE: Tian-yu Xiong, National Geographic Klemetinum Library, Prague, Czech Republic

The Clementinum (spelled Klemetinum in Czech) Library gives off a monastic feeling with its wooden floor and two-storey high ceiling. It’s a library with great historical significance, located in Prague.

IMAGE: Avaxnews Morgan Library, New York City, US

Started back in 1906 as a private library in the house of J. P. Morgan, this library now contains a lot of historical manuscripts, early printed books and prints, and old master drawings. It also includes a museum.

IMAGE: Rob Shenk Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm Zentrum, Humbolt University

This hall of knowledge in Berlin, Germany captures both retro and modernistic approaches in architecture. The book shelves sit quietly on the sidelines while the study hall lies in the open, in a terraced arrangement.

IMAGE: Andreas Levers Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University

This library acts as a literary archive of the Yale University Library and and is home to rare books and manuscripts.

IMAGE: Serenade Rabbitnest Stuttgart City Library, Germany

This is a 9-storey building that was completed in 2011. This library has 4 storeys in a four-sided design, and 5 upper storeys that forms the shape of a pyramid. The structure has a glass ceiling.

IMAGE: Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart New York Public Library, US

The ever popular New York library is considered to be the second biggest public library in the United states. Aside from a diverse set of books and materials, it also features beautiful paintings on its ceilings.

IMAGE: NYPL National Art Library, UK

A public reference library for the fine and decorative arts, it serves as a big reference center with over 70,000 entries from all over the world and offers a space that is both calming and serene for book and art lovers.

IMAGE: Creative Houses Chetham’s Library, UK

Considered to be the oldest free public library in the UK, Chetham’s Library is home to more than 100,000 volumes of old printed books, 60% of which were published before 1851.

IMAGE: Michael D Beckwith George Peabody Library, Baltimore, US

Formerly known as the Library of the Peabody Institute, the George Peabod Library is probably one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

IMAGE: Matthew Petroff Admont Abbey Library, Austria

This looks more like a chapel than it does a library. Not only is the flooring and ceiling beautifully decorated, when you are inside this place it’s as though you’ve taken a trip back in time.

IMAGE: Jorge Royan Odenplan Library, Stockholm, Sweden

Know for it’s enormous central hall, the Stockholm Public Library in Sweden is used both as a library as well as the municipal library system of Stockholm.

IMAGE: Jorge Royan The Leeds Library, UK

The Leeds Library is a two-storey building that was made in 1768 and is the oldest subscription library in UK.

IMAGE: Michael D Beckwith St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, Vermont, US

The St. Johnsbury Anthenaeum in Vermont not only serves as a public library holds an art gallery. This building looks beautiful from the inside out with a wooden interior that emanates that classic feel.

IMAGE: Don Shall Nova Scotia Legislative Library, Canada

The Nova Scotia Library serves to bring the information needs of the Legislative assembly. It was originally the home of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia as well, thus explaining the paintings of Commanders on the walls and shelves.

IMAGE: Charles Hoffman Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

This is the very definition of grand and epic, all in one place. Ain’t that a sight to behold?

IMAGE: Irish Welcome Tours Rand Club Reading Room, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Rand club’s dedicated library holds around 10,000 irreplaceable "treasures" with comfortable chairs for reading. Unfortunately it has member-restricted access.

IMAGE: Andrew Moore Lincoln’s Inn Library, London, UK

This library is located in Lincoln’s Inn, London and contains a large collection of rare books. You can only stay and read here as borrowing is prohibited. Some sections are dedicated to rare books and manuscripts.

IMAGE: Mariusz Kluzniak Strahov Monastery Library, Prague, Czech Republic

A beautiful library that was converted from a monastery. It gives off a vibe of age-old wisdom with its beautiful wooden shelves, coupled with the beautiful ceiling art.

IMAGE: Leah L. Picton Reading Room & Hornby Library, england

Located in Liverpool England, the Picton Reading room and Hornby Library holds a vast collection of books.

IMAGE: Terry Kearney Lappia Hall Library, Rovaniemi, Ireland

Here’s another view of the Picton Reading Room & Library. You can barely tell that they are the same facility.

IMAGE: Adrian Perez British Museum Library, UK

This beautiful library used to be the "main reading room" of the British Library and was recently restored and reopened back in 2000.

IMAGE: Lars Kristian Flem Adelaide City Library, Australia

The city library of Adelaide is known as a "place of possibility" and offers a dedicated section for "learning, challenging and conventional thinking". You’ll be amazed with the glass ceiling that covers the middle of the roof.

IMAGE: Jon Westra Concord Public Library, US

Described as an "invaluable" resource, the Concord public library looks breath-taking from the inside. The beatuiful windows let light into the building.

IMAGE: Liz West Poetry Foundation Library, Chicago, US

A library dedicated exclusively to poetry, it aims to present the best poetry in English or in translation.

IMAGE: Steven Vance Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

The first private university in Malaysia has a highly innovative, enviable, modern library. It is a place of academic research, professional services, networking, and many more.

IMAGE: QS News2 Wow U Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Scotland

One of Europe’s largest public libraries, the Mitchell library in Scotland is the centre of the public library system in Glasgow.

IMAGE: Littleyiye State Capitol Library, Iowa, US

Located in the capitol building of Iowa State, this library is often visited by government employees and the legal community for its collection of legal materials. It looks like a painting!


There are thousands of beautiful libraries out there waiting to be featured, so if your favorite library is not on the list, be sure to comment it below

30 Cool Street Art - do, 20/08/2015 - 15:01

Art has been changing its appeal to the man on the street. You no longer have to visit museums and art galleries to get a taste of contemporary art. You can easily find wall paintings, graffiti and murals that resonate with your feelings, cultures, beliefs, as well as with the changing times.

They often carry a message for the common man: live a little, open your eyes, breathe, play. And yet, there are still places where there is little appreciation for street art. This boggles the mind because some of the street art you see here are hard to miss and doubly hard to ignore.

Here are 30 bizarre, creative, and eye-catching street art that the world can totally live with.

1. Our Lady of Grace, City of Montreal

Our Lady of Grace was commissioned by the City of Montreal through The A’Shop Crew. The mural was made by a group of artists with over 25 years of combined experience in urban aesthetics.

IMAGE: Proteon 2. Large Chicken Mural in Katowice, Poland

A beautiful and surreal mural in an otherwise dull neighborhood in Poland. The colors used are vibrant, plus the subtle humor of the egg inside the chicken never fails to deliver a chuckle.

IMAGE: 3. Shoreditch Street Art, London

Another popular tourist attraction, the Shoreditch Street Art even has a dedicated “tour” and offers to show more than “10 years” of stories from its street art.

IMAGE: Berit Watkin 4. Wonderwalls (2013) in Wollongong

A collaboration between two artist namely Shida and Adnate, their captivating work has become quite an attraction in the streets of Wollongong, Australia. Here is woman working the magic for the Wonderwalls Festival.

IMAGE: JAM Project 5. Street Art in Norway

With kids, it doesn’t matter what life throws at them, they have fun with it. Adults are more pragmatic, which explains the visibly irritated man warding off these stripes of color with his black umbrella. Which do you prefer to be?

IMAGE: Skurtur 6. ROA Street Art in London

Talent on a back wall of an apartment in London. The art pops out of its "canvas" because of the masterful use of shading, and clever use of space to give that 3D effect.

IMAGE: ROA ! 7. East End Street Art

Another captivating work, this time in East End London. It captivates with stunning colors and a woman’s face and piercing eyes.

IMAGE: Maureen Barlin 8. Circus-Themed Mural in Athens, Greece

This photo captures what is essentially a mural that’s heavily inspired by the Circus. Despite the fun they bring us, there is sadness amongst the performers.

IMAGE: Ioannis D. Giannakopoulos 9. Shoreditch Street Art

Another great example of the diverse art in Shoreditch. This time, get lost in a combination of colors from what appears to be robots and wires.

IMAGE: Berit Watkin 10. Love Letter Street Art in Poland

Another spectacular street art in Poland by Aryz. The composition describes a woman reading a love letter in a somber manner.

IMAGE: Aryz 11. Unique Murals & Unusal Street Art 03 Shaka

A mural painted by the artist known as “Shaka” here, we see what appears to be a man lost in a daze of colors.

IMAGE: Mr Pilgrim 12. Deuce Seven

Deuce seven is a pseudonym of a famous Street artist based in Minneapolis. Here is an example of one of his works on the Clear Channel board.

IMAGE: Steve Rotman 13. Cold Fire – The Mystical Seer

This was done by famous Muralist “The Mystical Seer” and is often popular with young people with his insane “3diZm” and mix of colors. This piece is entitled “Cold Fire”.

IMAGE: The Mystical Seer 14. Colorful Bear in Toronto

When you put a bear within a bear and make it as colorful as you can, everyone that passes by it will be infected by how quirky it is.

IMAGE: EitherWayBro 15. El Devenir – Liqen – Quartiere San Basilio, Roma

Another art piece by “Liqen”. This time it appears to be heavily inspired by nature and all things floral.

IMAGE: Pia M. – Vittoria S. 16. Zombie Attack

A whimsical take on a “Zombie Attack”, this street art was done by Aryz and Nychos and owes its inspiration to famous zombie movies among others.

IMAGE: Thias, art by ARYZ NYCHOS 17. ARYZ in Uptown Richmond

Another bizarre art piece, this time by Aryz which was made for G40, a yearly group art show.

IMAGE: Bill Dickinson 18. Street Art, Conor Harrington for Wood Street Walls, East London, England

Street Art need not be that colorful, sometimes even a few colors can bring out the most powerful pictures. This duel between two gentlemen was made by Conor Harrington, an Irish born graffiti artist based in London.

IMAGE: Joe O’malley 19. Hope Dies Last in Athens, Greece

More than just a way to express art skills, this particular art is a testament to the human propensity to fight until the last second.

IMAGE: un_red 20. Street Art in Hanway Street

Once again, another work by Conor Harrington, featuring a Roman soldier with a contemporary feel.

IMAGE: Delete 21. Chichester Street Art Festival, 2013 Liqen

A haunting piece from the Chichester Street Art Festival which was held in West Sussex, England. This shows a mechanical locust traveling in a pollution-infested world.

IMAGE: spky999 22. Vitry sur Seine

A station in Paris, France, the Vitry sur Seine is home to artworks by portraits of people. Here is one example by a piece done by the artist known as “C215″.

IMAGE: Walden 23. Surreal Street Art with Tree

It’s a beautiful thing when street art makes use of their surroundings to better emphasize the art. Also, this is something straight out of an LSD trip.

IMAGE: mobuco 24. ROA Street Art

An artwork done by “ROA", an artist in Belgium. Here we have what appears to be a mutilated rat that’s painted in detail.

IMAGE: Elizabeth 25. Sloth Astronaut

This is an ongoing gag on the internet forums where a sloth wears an astronaut’s suit. But now, it has invaded the streets!

IMAGE: paulfknwalsh 26. M City Welling Court Mural

An artwork in monochrome that seems to be heavily inspired by either the industrial revolution or today’s growing pollution problem.

IMAGE: C-Monster 27. Catching Rain Drops

An artwork done for a cause, this optimistic piece was done by street artists for the RISE festival in New Zealand which aims to encourage amazing street art.

IMAGE: Jocelyn Kinghorn 28. Miami, Wynwood Walls – Labyrinth of Wall Street

Done by the artist named “Liqen”, this piece is his interpretation of the famous “wall street”. It is heavy in symbolism and works well with his choice of grey and monochrome.

IMAGE: Wally Gobetz 29. Colorful Mural by Stinkfish

A colorful mural by the artist named “Stinkfish”, his heavy use of colors appear to show the beautiful and colorful thoughts inside the human mind.

IMAGE: liborius 30. Metalic Mural of a Dog in Wynwood, Miami

Is it a metal sculpture? No. Is it a 3D render, printed, then posted on a wall? No. It’s a painting… and I know, it boggles my mind too. It’s a 3D metallic dog that isn’t actually 3D but totally looks 3D.

IMAGE: Art Basel

A lot of these street art are straight from the fantasy realm, and they’re all beautiful! If we forgot to add your favorite, please feel free to post them on the comments below!

38 Hilarious Google Suggestions That Will Make You LOL - wo, 19/08/2015 - 15:01

Whenever you search for something on Google, you encounter what is called Google Suggestions, or predictions (here’s an interesting post on how Google suggestions work). Basically, it’s part autocomplete and part "are you looking for this?", and it is based on real searches carried out by people who use Google Search.

While most are helpful, some are downright controversial and/or hilarious, which is why we decided to compile this post on 30+ funny and weird Google suggestions – the post basically writes itself.

If these predictions prove anything, it just goes to show that we search for the weirdest of things when we think we’re alone.

Why isn’t 11 Pronounced onety one Why is My Goldfish Turning Black Why Do Men Like Boobs Why Can’t I Poop Why Can’t I Own a Canadian Where to Donate a Testicle When I Jump I Wet Myself Whats a Boyfriend and Where Can I Download One What is the Answer to Life the Universe and Everything What If Google Was a Guy What Does It Mean When Your Poop Floats What are These Strawberries Doing on Google How Do I Google Something How Do I Convert to PDF How Come Cupcake Is Not Considered a Mineral Help I’m a Prisoner in a Chinese Bakery Google Will You Marry Me Google Will Eat Itself Do You Ever Look at Yourself in the Mirror and Think What Wattage Don’t You Hate it When a Sentence Does Not End the Way it Octopus Don’t You Hate It When a Chinchilla Eats the Universe Is It Normal to Eat Period Blood Is It Possible to Live Forever My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Never Put a Sock in a Toaster Sometimes I Like to Pretend I’m A Carrot Do Men Have Periods Dinosaurs Were Made Up by CIA Did You Have a Brain Tumor for Breakfast Cats Like Hitler Can a Human Get Pregnant by an Animal 7 Times 14 Is It Impossible to Lick Your Elbow Is It Bad If Your Poop Floats If I Ate Myself Would I Double in Size I Ate a Big Red Candle How Do I Quit My Job What Would Happened If There Was No Google

What would happen indeed. What’s your favorite Google Suggestion foulball?

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10 URLs to Find Out What Google Knows About You

30 Picturesque Villages Straight Out of Fairy Tales [PICS] - di, 18/08/2015 - 15:01

Every once in a while we city dwellers dream of places far removed from all the noise and pollution, where we can see the stars at night, hear the chirping of birds in the morning along with the giggles of children playing by the river, a place where the sunlight is soft on the skin, where people go about their daily lives in a slow pace – like in a fairy tale storybook.

If you are looking for places like that, be sure to check out this compilation of 30 idyllic villages that are straight out of the fantasy realm. If nothing else could get rid of the stress that is building up in your body, then you need to plan a trip to one of these beautiful places.

1. Hallstat, Austria

IMAGE: François Philipp 2. Wallace, Idaho, US

IMAGE: John R. Darrington 3. Farming Village Near Vang Vieng, Laos

IMAGE: Earth Spotter 4. Mont Aiguille et Chichilianne, France

IMAGE: Erwann Fourmond 5. Zermatt, Switzerland

IMAGE: Akira 6. Rochefort-en-Terre, Brittany, France

IMAGE: ioncitat 7. Piran, Slovenia

IMAGE: Kevin Dress 8. Cotswolds, England

IMAGE: Safron Blaze 9. Motovun, Croatia

IMAGE: Earth Spotter 10. Giethoorn, Holland

IMAGE: Huang Hong 11. Narai-Juku, Shiojiri, Japan

IMAGE: Fotopedia 12. Le Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, France

IMAGE: Siebren 13. Hida Folk Village, Japan

IMAGE: Yeeyes 14. Maria Alm, Salzburg, Austria

IMAGE: te whiu 15. Longsheng Rice Terraces, China

IMAGE: Christian Ortiz 16. Alsace, France

IMAGE: Earth Spotter 17. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

IMAGE: Ken Hircock 18. Ettal, Upper Bavaria, Germany

IMAGE: ElPanaChevere 19. Kaysersberg, France

IMAGE: Jean-Pierre 20. Shirakawa, Japan

IMAGE: Miyamoto Y 21. Molyvos, Greece

IMAGE: Drriss & Marrionn 22. Arlington Row, Bibury, UK

IMAGE: Anguskirk 23. Colmar, France

IMAGE: Three Weeks Off 24. Saint-Cirq Lapopie, France

IMAGE: PierreG_09 25. Mykonos, Greece

IMAGE: Earth Spotter 26. Schiltach, Black Forest, Germany

IMAGE: JJ 27. Grimentz Old Town, Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland

IMAGE: Jeremy Vickers 28. Medieval Dinan, France

IMAGE: Martien Uiterweerd 29. &#268eský Krumlov, Czech Republic

IMAGE: Michael 7601 30. Xijiang Mao Village, China

IMAGE: S MaoE Now Read:
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25 Mind-Boggling Sculptures that Defy The Laws of Physics - ma, 17/08/2015 - 15:01

The purpose of art is to make the comfortable uncomfortable, and the uncomfortable comfortable. We challenge concepts that we are used to, yet find solace in the act itself, and when it comes to public art, no other work of art challenges the status quo than statues that defy logic and our understanding of how things work.

In this post we will be looking at 25 jaw-dropping statues that suspend not only the laws of physics but also our belief in the norm. I hope you will have as much fun as I did, having my mind twisted and boggled by these amazing sculptures.

And if these are not enough, follow the credit source and check out more amazing art by the masters on their website or account.

1. Flying Stone Statue in Cairo

The poor stone is trying to "hang on" to its friend, who is at the verge of floating away!

IMAGE: TheDankula 2. Floating Elephant

Bet you can’t pull off a horizontal handstand, er, I mean trunkstand.

IMAGE: Daniel Firman 3. Leaning Statue

As if Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal’s gravity-defying stunt wasn’t enough, here comes a statue from Emil Alzamora pulling off a reverse Smooth Criminal.

IMAGE: Emil Alzamora 4. Quintet of Smile

If you have never thought of human teeth as creepy, now you know better. The stuff of nightmares from Hitoshi Itoh. There’s more in his personal Flickr account.

IMAGE: Hirotoshi Itoh 5. Force of Nature II

An amazing statue exemplifying the ferocity of Mother Nature’s wrath. She could you blow you off your toes if you don’t treat her right. At least this statue is still standing firm as a reminder for us to take better care of our one and only home.

IMAGE: Lorenzo Quinn 6. Suspended

Watch as these brave ladies stand under this precariously suspended err, boxes?

IMAGE: Raganella 7. Circus Act Between Coconut Trees

Balancing a sculpture on a thin rope is hard, but making one pose for gymnastic rings between two coconut trees is definitely harder.

IMAGE: Jerzy Kedziora 8. Hair-Raising Sculpture

A structure of a lady on a cakey surface, nothing special about it until you realize that this is a nano sculpture that measures 80 x 100 x 20 microns, created on a strand of hair (the average diameter is 40-50 microns, for your reference).

IMAGE: Jonty Hurwitz 9. A New Form of Life

Have you ever seen a sculpture move? They are called kinetic sculptures, and according to Theo Jansen, they are a new form of life.

10. A Car and its Parking Space

Poor car got caught in a pavement wave of the weird kind and got stuck there.

IMAGE: Alex Chinneck 11. Tour by Catellan

Not really a statue but come on(!) look at how that hoop is holding up the table.

IMAGE: Cattelan Italia 12. Gravity Defying Cars

If rockets, don’t work, maybe these cars will get the deed done.

IMAGE: Gerry Judah 13. The Farm, Kaipara, New Zealand

Somewhere in New Zealand, a giant dropped his hankerchief.

IMAGE: Neil Dawson 14. Appearance Emptiness

This is probably one of the most zen sculptures I have ever encountered.

IMAGE: Sukhi Barber 15. Sculpture by the Sea by David McCracken

The stairway leading to heaven appears to have landed on a seaside in Australia.

IMAGE: Michael Blair 16. Impossible Sculpture

An optical illusion IRL.

IMAGE: Francis Tabary 17. Floating Giant Tap

Someone broke logic and this is what we have to deal with now.

IMAGE: Bill Liao 18. Giant Clothespin

That giant who lost his hankerchief, decided to do his laundry.

IMAGE: Mehmet Ali Usyal 19. Monte-Meubles, L’ultime Déménagement

We all want to live in a castle in the sky, just maybe not this one. There are a few rooms, floors, walls, windows and ceilings missing.

IMAGE: Leandro Elrich 20. Sand Sculpture

We are all familiar with sandcastles, but a sand sculpture that defies gravity? Probably your first time seeing one too.

IMAGE: Matt 21. Basketball

Here we are looking at a great display of knowledge of structural engineering and sculpting.

IMAGE: Karen 22. Floating Ball of Steel

This ball-and-chain doesn’t look heavy at all.

IMAGE: WA Sculptor Scholarship 23. Boy with Dolphin

An amazing sculpture of a boy and a dolphin, great balancing act that makes people wonder how it’s possible (one word: cantilever).

IMAGE: Alamy 24. Big Sculpture Balancing Act

Suspended in mid-air supported only by a thin rope, this sculpture is an awe-inspiring, heart attack-inducing masterpiece.

IMAGE: Jerzy Kedziora 25. Invisible Statues

Something is broken in the matrix. These guys didn’t load correctly.

IMAGE: Rob Mullholland

What are your thoughts about these physics-defying sculptures? Did they freak you out or did they inspire you to make your own physics-defying artwork today?

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Infographic Elements Pack - vr, 14/08/2015 - 17:01

If you love our last freebie release of 5 sets of inforgaphic banner elements, we are back with another infographic freebie release, made available exclusively for our loyal Hongkiat readers by our friends at freepik.

This is a great pack containing 100% vector elements including graphs, chart graphics, timelines, banners, pie charts, pyramids, infographic maps and buntings, all in a bright and beautiful color scheme, ready to be edited and released. Apart from these you are also getting bubble elements, arrow elements, puzzle elements and other option elements.

This infographic elements pack comes in AI and EPS formats.


Please enter your email address below and click the Download Files button. The download link will be sent to you by email.

var m2cgxdbdr6iowakx,m2cgxdbdr6iowakx_poll=function(){var r=0;return function(n,l){clearInterval(r),r=setInterval(n,l)}}();!function(e,t,n){if(e.getElementById(n)){m2cgxdbdr6iowakx_poll(function(){if(window['om_loaded']){if(!m2cgxdbdr6iowakx){m2cgxdbdr6iowakx=new OptinMonsterApp();return m2cgxdbdr6iowakx.init({u:"74.200542",staging:0,dev:0});}}},25);return;}var d=false,o=e.createElement(t);,o.src="//",o.onload=o.onreadystatechange=function(){if(!d){if(!this.readyState||this.readyState==="loaded"||this.readyState==="complete"){try{d=om_loaded=true;m2cgxdbdr6iowakx=new OptinMonsterApp();m2cgxdbdr6iowakx.init({u:"74.200542",staging:0,dev:0});o.onload=o.onreadystatechange=null;}catch(t){}}}};(document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]||document.documentElement).appendChild(o)}(document,"script","omapi-script");

40 Freebies &#38; Goodies For Web Designers &#8211; August 2015 - vr, 14/08/2015 - 15:01

If you love the tools and resources you can find on the site, especially freebies and goodies for web designers, then here’s a new compilation which you will love.

We have in this round-up, graphic user interfaces, mockups to showcase your products, PSD templates for websites, several trendy .Sketch creations, totally editable icons, great-looking fonts and more.

Here’s more:

Foundry: Multiple Devices Vector Assets

A complete gallery of design elements made in SVG format, great for creating interactive web and mobile applications.

Elegant Vector Kit with 60 Workspace Elements

A free multi-format vector set of 60 workspace elements, including all sorts of devices like iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, cameras, pencils, markers and more.

Shredplates: iPhone 6 Surf-themed PSD Template Pack

A collection of high-resolution iPhone 6 mockups with a surfing focus in the background. The mockups include smart objects and 24 individual PSD templates.

The Ultimate Material Design Bundle

A material design bundle for personal and commercial use. It has stationary icons, isometric icons, avatars, image fonts, patterns, backgrounds and many more.

High-Resolution Apple Watch Photos

High-resolution photos of the Apple Watch which you can use freely. Download them and add your own designs to them.

4 Colors Resume PSD Template

A resume template composed of 4 color variations made in PSD. It's well layered, easy to edit, print-ready, and also includes a cover letter template.

Aleo: Free PSD Template

A free flat PSD template for blogging websites, personal or commercial. It's divided into two parts, one for the big image header and the other for the rest of the widgets.

PSD Brochure Template

A lightweight tri-fold template in PSD format for personal and commercial use.

Meetup: Free PSD & HTML Event Landing Page

Available in HTML and PSD, this template is to be used for an event or a meetup. The header has a counter, and right below it is all the info for the event.

10 Vintage & Retro Styles for Illustrator

A pack of 10 different vintage and retro graphic styles for Adobe Illustrator that can be applied to your text or artwork with just one click.

Spot: Free User Interface PSD Kit

A compelling user interface pack with all the required elements for creating a complete website in flat style.

One Page Free HTML5 and CSS3 Template

A clean and minimalist website template in HTML5 & CSS3, which can help you show off your brand;n includes big featured image header, video area, services, portfolio, contact, etc.

300 Kawaii-style Cute Icons and Avatars

A customizable set of cute icons, Kawaii style. Includes 150 icons and 150 avatars with masked elements perfect for web and editorial design.

Agenzia: Multipurpose PSD Portfolio Template

Agenzia is a set of 8 templates in PSD for personal portfolio, creative agencies, e-commerce websites and such.

Sketch iOS 9 B1 UI Kit

An accurate iOS 9 user interface kit based on the beta release. Made for Sketch, it includes screens for Settings, photos, Messages, Contacts, Music, Safari and Email.

PSD & Sketch To-Do App UI Kit

A versatile Photoshop and Sketch to-do app user interface kit, totally free. This is a huge set, with 130 screens and countless design elements ready to edit and use.

PSD iOS 9 UI Kit

A Photoshop user interface kit for iOS 9. The kit is based on the iOS 9 beta release presented not long ago, with multiple design elements and a totally editable vector.

Smashicons: 250 Different-style Free Icons

An exclusive pack of 250 vector icons in 4 different styles.

120 Free Outlined Multi-Purpose Icons

This freebie is a sample pack with 120 free AI icons made by RetinaIcons.

40 Sketch Social Icons

A multi-color pack of 40 editable icons for networks like Youtube, WordPress, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, Trello, Soundcloud, Skype, Pinterest, Paypal, Instagram, Google etc.

PSD, AI, EPS & SVG Simple Line Icons

Created by Nimasha Perera, this is a multi-format (PSD, AI, EPS and SVG) set of outline icons.

48 Flat Design Icons Pack

Available as AI and PNG files, these fabulous flat icons come in three complementary styles (full color and monochrome coral). The icon set has 48 flat icons, very lightweight indeed.

Majesti Banner: Beautiful and Stylish Typeface

An elemental yet highly professional typeface with nice swashes, including text and display versions. It is available in 5 weights and 2 variations, regular and italic.

Firefly: Free Hand Drawn Font

Firefly is a free hand-drawn font, including a full set of glyphs as well as a few alternatives,great for quotes, logos, posters, and headlines.

Nickainley: Free Script Font

Nickainley is a monoline script typeface, with classic and vintage styles.

Rodina: Free Elegant Typeface

This font is an elegant sans serif, readable in multiple devices, web and printed design. The font comes as OTF, and includes nice ligatures for some characters.

Phage: A Futuristic Sharp Font

This dystopic grunge-style font, perfect for those posters and advertising banners with an ominous feel.

Ikaros: Sharp Elegant Sans Serif Font

Free for personal and commercial projects, Ikaros is a sharp and elegant sans serif typeface. Symbols, numerals, accents and regular uppercase characters are included.

Folio: One Page PSD Theme

A free flat web template made in PSD format with an organized set of layers and groups making it really easy to modify.

Switch: Free Multi-Purpose PSD Template

Switch is a multi-purpose template for Photoshop, perfect for small businesses and startups. Has a big logo area and menu bar wich can be fixed easily.

Online Shop Template

A template for a minimal and clear online shop.

MedApp: a Medical App Theme

This set consists of a medical app element kit, composed of buttons, color palette, notification icon, and a sketch of the human body. The elements are fully editable.

Leslie: PSD Photographers Portfolio Page

Leslie is a PSD portfolio page for photographers composed of tons of editable design elements, and comes with a portfolio area, blog and big featured header.

Readit: Responsive Modern WordPress Theme

Readit is a blogging theme for WordPress sites focused in readability. It is mobile ready and animated thanks to transitions effects.

Ambition: Responsive and Flat Business WordPress Theme

A free theme focused on nature, totally responsive and designed to be friendly. It can be used for businesses and small companies, it has beautiful icons and it's GLPv2 licensed.

Coherent: WordPress Themes for Blogs and Writers

For writers and regular bloggers, Coherent is a compelling theme that combines minimalism with a stable structure. The theme can be downloaded freely (GPLv2 license).

Quest: Open Source Responsive WordPress Theme

An awesome WordPress theme for adventurers and travellers eager to share their experiences. Also, you don't need to know how to code thanks to its drag and drop page builder.

Dropbox Backup & Restoration WordPress Plugin

This plugin connects your WordPress (files and database) site to Dropbox and helps you create backups and restore your site, without going through the local servers.

Advanced Recent Posts WordPress Plugin

A plugin for adding a "recent posts" widget at the end of any blog post.

Simple Facebook Page Widget & Shortcode Plugin

A plugin that uses the Facebook Graph API v2.3 to generate a Facebook or Twitter page widget, showing latest posts, likes and more.

Coverr: Useful, Lightweight and Free Homepage Videos

Free multi-purpose videos that you can use as a background on your website or mobile app. The database is constantly updated with new videos (7 new videos each monday.)

30 Modern Day Home Office Designs that Truly Inspire - do, 13/08/2015 - 15:01

For people who work from home, the home office is an area that must be detached from the rest of the home. It is a place where productivity and creative ideas must be allowed to roam freely, where work can be done without distraction or interruption.

Therefore it is no wonder that many will put effort into turning that corner of the home into a home office that is conducive for work, rest and pondering.

In this collection, I have amassed 30 beautiful home office setups. Some of them are created to be close to nature; others are minimalistic. While some get to play with big wide spaces, there are some that make do with whatever small area they can play around with, and they do it cleverly. There is something for everyone here.

1. An Invigorating Home Office Setting

This home office gives out a simplistic design with the fresh color of yellow giving out a bright and sunny hue. Also the excellent cable management makes it look clean and organized.

IMAGE: Andrew Breja 2. "The Brain" – A Private Office

Simply known as “The Brain”, this private office was made for a filmmaker to inspire “ideas”. It looks like a place where masterpieces come to be materialized.

IMAGE: Olson Kundig 3. Motorcycle Shop Turned Office

Owned by none other than David Karp, founder and CEO of blogging platform Tumblr, this house offers little to no distractions – not what you’d expect from someone who’s tech-savvy. And check out that beautiful Honda in the room.

IMAGE: NYTimes 4. Once Factory, Now Office

Bet you won’t believe me if I tell you that this is an office located right in the center of an abandoned textile factory — a contrast to the cluttered conditions in a factory environment.

IMAGE: HomeDSGN 5. Hall Residence

How stunning is this vintage office? From the beautiful golden wallpaper to the wooden furniture and chandelier, it really sets the tone for a lovely and refreshing atmosphere.

IMAGE: Impressive Interior Design 6. Renovated Farmhouse Office

This house in Northern Italy combines a minimalist yet modern design while preserving the feel of a farmhouse. One is sure to feel right at home no matter what.

IMAGE: 7. Sunny Side Office

A comfortable home office design with beautifully made custom furniture made from recycled building materials with large window panes.

IMAGE: Jeremy Levine 8. Persian and Asian Inspired Office

Inspired by Persian and Asian prints, this home office was built with a family setting in mind. The long banquette on the wall and beautiful wooden furniture gives a soothing feeling to the atmosphere.

IMAGE: Aspire Metro 9. Open Air Home Office

Why settle with a view of a tree when you can have a tree grow ino your office? This design is guaranteed to make every environmentalist happy.

IMAGE: Soopakorn Srisakul 10. Loft 24/7

Another nature-friendly office in a stunning setting: a beautiful book case, wooden panel walls and floor, surrounded by greenery. It is the loft of many dreams.

IMAGE: Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados 11. Big Open Spaces

At first glance, one might mistake this as a very sophisticated-looking office but it is actually a home! With its spacious walkways and bright atmosphere, it is the perfect place to think and be productive.

IMAGE: Starrett-Lehigh 12. A Bachelor’s Home Office

This home office for famous internet celebrity Julian Smith screams as the “Perfect Bachelor Pad”. This place is guaranteed to make you rock whatever beats you listen to with its hanging subwoofers and speakers!

IMAGE: Julian Smith 13. Mazzali Living and Office Area

This Mazzali living and office area in Italy complements its white background and ceiling with brightly colored bookshelves and furniture.

IMAGE: Mazzali 14. Urban Cabin "Treehouse" Office

This home office can easily be mistaken as a comfy "treehouse". With a very spacious terrace that is surrounded by trees, this setting makes it hard to work because it’s so perfect to relax in!

IMAGE: Jeremy Levine 15. The Office of Floating Shelves

The office of floating shelves maximizes this otherwise small room by having its shelves held afloat with hanging rods. It’s simple yet elegant and very practical.

IMAGE: Jeremy Levine 16. Table By The Stairs

If you’re looking for a picture that describes “minimalist” then look no further than Per Vestman’s home office. With nothing more than his computer, a white desk and a painting and bike by his side, this is definitely a “less is more” theme.

IMAGE: Jeremy Levine 17. Converted 1940’s Office Building

This office building was once converted into a condo then back to an Oofice again. This office aims to preserve the look of the 40’s with its simple yet minimalistic furniture. wall design and light fixtures.

IMAGE: Shyama Golden 18. Flexible Space with Recycled Wood Flooring

With the amount of space in this room, it can be transform to anything from an art studio, office space to a family room to sit and relax in. The flooring is also eye-catching.

IMAGE: Jeremy Levine 19. Montmarte Flat Office

Another simple yet comfortable setup, the MontMarte flat is an overall white office with a striking red chair to give an eye-pleasing contrast.

IMAGE: Nicolas Millet 20. Office with A Retractable Glass Roof

Love the night sky? Unwind from the stress of the office with this retractable glass roof design.

IMAGE: Carter Jonas 21. Distraction-Free Home Office

Here’s another room that sets a perfect example of being “less yet more"; keep the distractions at bay and you might be able to find new ideas pouring in.

IMAGE: seeasea 22. Cozy Interior

A home office that is obviously designed by and for an interior designer. This room has everything interior designer’s needs as well as a beautiful fireplace for more coziness.

IMAGE: Alex Campbell Photography 23. Hackney Shed

You have all your basic essentials for work, a library, a comptuer, power outlets that work, right in the middle of nature. This is more than a shed, this is a home for ideas.

IMAGE: Office Sian Architecture 24. Postmodern Toronto House

At first this could be mistaken for a library, but this two-storey Toronto home is the perfect spot for either study or work while being surrounded with books. Truly a book lover’s dream office home.

IMAGE: Architectural Digest 25. Office Nook

Another comfortable “sanctuary”, this room keeps it light with its descending shelves, wall color and table and chair setting. Check out the beautiful flooring and the curtains as a "barrier" between office and home regions.

IMAGE: imgur 26. The Den

Having a foosball table in your office might be distracting, but not for someone who works in a creative field. Wooden tables and white walls with good natural lighting will definitely make anyone more focused in their work!

IMAGE: Callum Chapman 27. A Balanced Home Office

One side is for work, the otherside leisure – basically what a productive office should look like.

IMAGE: Kyle Anthony Miller 28. Ultra Minimalist Office

This setup has nothing but two workstations. May work for this graphic designer, may not work for others but to each its own, right?

IMAGE: Marian Kadlec 29. A Designer’s Personal Space

The home of Vadim Sherbakov, art director and designer is bursting with creativity while avoiding a too jumbled state. With neatly aligned workstations atop a wooden table, and a wooden shelf filled with personal favorites.

IMAGE: Vadim Sherbakov 30. The Attic Office Of A Photographer

Simple and clean, this home office has a mix of vintage and modern design. The skylight lets in natural light which may be helpful for the photographer’s work.

IMAGE: Iigia Ribeiro

Did we miss your favorite home office setup? Please tell us in the comments, we’d love to have a look!

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30 Paper Art Designs - wo, 12/08/2015 - 15:01

Designers amaze us with their talent and creativity when we see various logos, landing pages and banners. However, we may be doubly impressed when they dabble in unusual forms of art such as street art or by playing with paper, like origami. However, one shouldn’t underestimate paper, or how amazingly talented some artists can be.

IMAGE: Dominik Langegger and Ricardo Gantschnigg

Today I’m going to share with you 30 mind-blowing papercraft creations which will showcase how creative people can force us to rethink what paper can do or what can be done with paper.

You’ll see food, people, and even cities created with paper with tiny details. Some of these work were made for magazines and other editorial pieces, even though some of them I suspect are just made to make our jaws drop.

Paper Craft for Wipro Winsights

IMAGE: Shreya Gupta Paper Chef Rubio

IMAGE: Adriana Napolitano Just “Make” It

IMAGE: Tommy Perez Paper Sculpture

IMAGE: James Seet Hummingbird

IMAGE: Lisa Lloyd Het Parool – World Cup

IMAGE: Adrian & Gidi Happy Snacks

IMAGE: Tommy Perez “Inspired by the classics…” Beckett Simonon

IMAGE: Andres Calderon OREO – Flavor Love

IMAGE: Adrian & Gidi Kwik-Krafts / National Hotdog Day

IMAGE: Tommy Perez Shoes Up – Flora

IMAGE: Adrian & Gidi Nearly Normal Calendar 2014

IMAGE: Victoria Bee Hipster Papercut

IMAGE: Jotaká Snask – Show what you do best

IMAGE: Annelies Clauwaert and Neil Verhavert Map of Colombia | Fast Company Magazine

IMAGE: Carla Eráusquin Bayona oupas!

IMAGE: Oupas Design Alimenta tu Imaginación – Sueños Plan B

IMAGE: Carla Eráusquin Bayona Creative Lemons

IMAGE: Oupas Design Cover Recreation

IMAGE: Anna Kleindinst Back to Basics

IMAGE: Zim & Zou Slow & Low

IMAGE: Tommy Perez Ciudades Imaginarias, museo MAR

IMAGE: Estudio Guardabosques Flora – Ice Cream Creation

IMAGE: Francesca Pasini Kwik-Krafts / Paper Pizza Party

IMAGE: Tommy Perez Deleve / Healthy food

IMAGE: Rendi Paper Rain

IMAGE: Tommy Perez Interactive Paper Craft Info Graphic

IMAGE: Dominik Langegger and Ricardo Gantschnigg Paper Image for SOGO

IMAGE: Gail Armstrong Papercut Artworks for Children’s Room

IMAGE: Vaclav Bicha Share a Coke with…

IMAGE: Tommy Perez

How to Check Browser Compatibility via Command Lines - wo, 12/08/2015 - 12:01

Building a website traditionally involves a variety of technologies which may work across all major browsers, some of them partially, or none at all. Web developers these days would always refer to CanIUse to check if a certain feature is supported on a browser or one of its many versions.

CanIUse keeps track of the browser adoption of standard HTML, CSS, and SVG along with their references, the specifications status from W3C, and links to the issues and bugs that present in each browser (when available). For instance, we can see below that Edge, Firefox, and Opera Mini do not support CSS Reflection, and in browsers that it is supported in, the vendor prefix is required.

CanIUse is the de facto tool that records how far the standard web specifications compatibility in desktop and mobile browsers.

Aside from the browser version through, CanIUse is now also available as a CLI (Command Line Interface). We are also be able to pull out the CanIUse resultant via Terminal or Command Prompt. If you found yourself stumbling while on Terminal often, the CLI would effectively streamline your workflow.

The Requirements

To deploy the CanIUse command line, you will first need NodeJS and NPM installed.

If running npm -v or node -v returns the version number (as shown below) you are ready to deploy the CLI. Otherwise, if it returns the “command not found” error, download the NodeJS installer here. The installer is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux; select the OS you are using.


Installing the CanIUse CLI is just a line away. Open Terminal or Command Prompt and run the following command.

npm install -g caniuse-cmd

This command installs CLI globally which will allow it to be accessible throughout the location in the OS. Once installed, the command line caniuse should now be available at your disposal. There is no rule on how to “search” via CLI. Simply search naturally as you would in the web version, e.g. running “caniuse box shadow” will return the CSS3 Box-shadow specification.

Notice that we do not need to escape the space for the keyword query, which we traditionally would have to do.

Basically, the CLI results match the web version. Even if a search is done with an incomplete keyword, for example, soc or sock , the search will result with Web Socket at the top, followed by relevant entries.

CanIUse is a perfect complement for other command line based tools like Gulp, Grunt, and is an all-round handy tool that could boost your workflow eventually. Now you don’t have to leave your Terminal ever to check for browser compatibility for HTML, CSS, and SVG.